Victory Solutions Management Team

Jose Juarez, President

Jose Juarez Victory Solutions

I understand the importance of customer service. So much, in fact, I have developed an innovative customer service program that is now nationally recognized for its results.

What was my inspiration?
An automobile dealership, of course.

What did I observe? Not, the people leaving with an automobile, but, the people leaving without purchasing one, and I had to ask myself why didn't they buy.

This question led me, a seasoned veteran in the automobile and motorcycle industry, to establish Victory Solutions.

When I was vice president of sales for a company that dealt with the auto industry, I would travel frequently to our dealerships and attend weekend sales events, hundreds of people would visit the store and the success of these events was based on the small amount of customers that would buy. This dealership spent several hundred thousand dollars a year in advertising. If I were an owner, I would want to know why the customer chose not to buy.

I started Victory Solutions with a team of interviewers that surveyed, probed and asked the right questions of customers through telephone interviews, this began to show real results. In my experience, customers are much more at ease opening up to a customer service department and telling them why they did not buy the day of a visit and what else would be required to make a sale.

I am proud that the skilled team we built at Victory Solutions is able to gather information that the customer isn't comfortable providing to either a salesperson or management staff. By bridging the gap, dealers are able to make their customers feel more relaxed providing the dealership the opportunity to put deals together they would have otherwise not be able to do without the help of Victory Solutions' surveys.

"You can't fix a problem if you don't know what it is"

A great advantage of working with Victory Solutions is the coaching and training opportunities managers are provided with their teams. Victory Solutions gives managers the ability to go over hundreds of completed customer surveys. By viewing the information from the surveys, an effective manager will see the problems and bottlenecks of everyday work processes and be able to coach their teams effectively.

It is very satisfying for me to help our dealers create an environment and culture of high achievers and to see their customer satisfaction improve. I believe that our services help our dealers not only create a better atmosphere for their customers to buy, but also creates a better place for their employees to work.

And that's the key advantage of working with Victory Solutions.

Rick Sanford, EVP/CIO

Rick Sanford Victory Solutions

I learned at a young age that thinking “big picture” is going to help me be more successful. Meaning… How are the decisions I am going to make today effect me tomorrow, next year, or ten years from now. Looking out over time helps determine what the proper answer to today’s questions should be. Looking at the “big picture” of Victory Solutions and what we can do for our clients brings me back to my days in the automobile business in the late 80’s. Starting out in sales I was weakest at the cold “up” on the sales floor. Getting the conversation started was uncomfortable for me, but I knew that if I talked to enough people I’d eventually sell something! Once I got a few people sold, my focus became staying in touch with them. I’d learn their birthdays, anniversaries and what their likes and interests were. Whatever reason I could come up with to call, I’d call. Then from there I’d ask for referrals and the whole process would start over again. I did all I could to keep my customers happy and the dealership’s name in front of them. In those days my process was done with note cards and a red metal box. I’d have given anything for a program like Victory Solutions. It’s everything I did back then only 100 times easier and more efficient to use. So when Jose approached me about joining him, there wasn’t a whole lot to think about.

Now I get great satisfaction traveling around to our stores and understanding what their needs are. As we get great ideas we incorporate them into our program, plus I get to share best practices with our “family.” For progressive dealers with vision and an understanding of the “big picture,” Victory Solutions is a great program. We believe so firmly in what we do, that contracts are not a part of our business. The way we see it, you should not be forced to pay for something you are not going to use or benefit from. Our approach to partnership is old school, a hand shake and a commitment that we are everything we say we are.

Victory Solutions Inc specializes in a comprehensive, national, real-time, web-based customer follow-up system specifically designed for the Powersports industry. Our corporate office and call center are nestled in Ocala, Florida. Established in 2003, the company is owned and operated by Jose Juarez and Rick Sanford and has grown to service dealers nationwide from New Hampshire to Alaska.