Victory Solutions can do more than just talk about how to develop successful leadership processes. We can come to your store and implement them. We offer two management programs that can get you started or rehabilitate your existing situation. Both programs start at 30 days and can be utilized up to a year. Please contact Victory Solutions for the complete details and pricing of each program and see below for our summary of each.

General Manager program is for dealers large enough to warrant the position and/or for owners that want the day to day operating handling by someone other than themselves. We’ll place a highly successful GM in your store that will assess your needs, implement management processes, hire and/or replace needed managers including your permanent GM. We’ll leave your store motivated and setup for success.

Sales Manager program is for dealers with young or “green” sales managers that need mentoring and leadership training and also for dealers that are in need of a sales manager. We’ll send in our manager who has years of successful sales management experience. We’ll build your sales force from your existing sales team and/or hire new staff, which will include your permanent sales manager if needed.

I’ve made a living out of hiring people that are highly self-motivated, regardless of their current profession. I’d show them what success looks like and then, for the most part, get out of their way. But overall many of my successful accomplishments in life have come from calling people on their birthday! - Rick Sanford