• Customers visiting your store to purchase cycles.
  • Customers that call your store looking for cycle information.
  • All pre-paid maintenance and service customers.

She reaches out to your customers within 24 hours and makes
contact over 57% of the time!

She FOLLOWS-UP on all of your Sold customers too!
  • She contacts them before your manufacturer does.
  • She will let you know if your customer is unhappy, allowing you to fix the issue long before they receive your manufacturers written survey.
  • Your CSI scores will improve!
She is trained to probe your customers and find out why they did not buy, and what it will take to make a purchase.
She will E-mail you Hot leads several times a day so when you are not looking at the system you won't miss an opportunity.
She will call you immediately on your cell phone when your customer is at a competitor's store or needs immediate attention allowing you to save deals.
She will ask for an e-mail address on every call.
You want a custom question, no problem; Miss victory will ask it for you.
PLUS! She comes to work with the best CRM tools in the business!
  • She will train all of your sales people on how to use our CRM system, including sharing best practices and knowledge from our other dealers in the Victory family.
  • As you hire new sales people she will train them and track the results to insure they are using the system to the fullest.
  • She will report all system performance issues to your management team for proper coaching of your sales people.
  • She is bilingual.
  • She will NEVER miss a day of work.
  • She NEVER needs a vacation, benefits, insurance, or sick pay!

With over 75 years of combined sales management experience Victory knows what you are looking for when it comes to information needed to make the sale. We know it’s all about proper coaching and training of employees

Every morning Miss Victory attends a training meeting. We review the previous day’s events and completed calls and discuss how to delicately probe customers to get the information needed to help you make the sale and keep your customer happy. Miss Victory’s daily coaching keeps her sharp and she will give you information that will save you in excess of 3 to 5 deals a month!