Although there are many similarities with the way competing dealerships do business, maximizing upon your differences and aligning your practices with your desires is key to your success. At Victory Solutions, we are not here to tell you how to run your business, but help you define your goals and develop those activities to create the dealership of your dreams.

"Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration"
- Thomas Edison

Business philosophy, motivational speeches and best practices, which comprise the 1% are necessary. But more importantly, we focus on the 99%. The blood, sweat and tears your company produces each and every day. In conjunction with your goals and values, we design the Activities, Coaching, Metrics and Systems to achieve your idea of success. We work with you to define all aspects of your processes, procedures and activities. This enables both management and staff to implement the most efficient and effective habits needed to excel.

Sales & Finance
These two departments are the engines of your dealership. Are you getting the results you desire?
  • Are ownership, management and sales goals in alignment?
  • Do you have processes and procedures? Defined activities and metrics?
  • Are the sales people doing the activities in your processes and procedures?
  • Do you pay on activity and reward for results?
  • Is it easy for your customer to buy and do business with you… be honest.
  • How much of your business is repeat and referral?

Phone & Customer Relationship Management
The telephone and CRM are the two most underutilized tools in the dealership.
  • Out bound calls are rarely made and are ineffective.
  • Inbound calls do nothing to encourage potential customers to visit your store.
  • CRM data is both inconsistent and inaccurate.
  • The RM in CRM happens to infrequently.

These problems can be fixed!
  • 5 Simple steps to handle every type of phone call.
  • Have your staff begging to have their activity measured.
  • Sales people will happily become dependent on your CRM

Service, Parts & Gear
Here are just a few areas in which we can help:
  • Produce higher Margins.
  • Increase product turns.
  • More Units-Per-Transaction.
  • Accurate and Profitable Inventory.
  • Add-On Sales.
  • Training Service Advisors to Sell.
  • Plan-O-Grams and Merchandising.

Customer Satisfaction Index

Your customer is the heart of your business. Do you truly know how they feel about the shopping experience at your store? What are your CSI scores? How do you compare to your competitors? Are you in the top 10% of your area, state or the country?
  • Learn to increase your scores by increasing the number of satisfied customers.
  • Understand why "every customer is always right."
  • You can't make everyone happy, nor do you want to.
  • The happiest customers are the ones that spend the most.
  • You can make your tough customers the most loyal and satisfied.